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Ampelius Trading

“We’re planning to build a marketplace for the global energy industry…”

Online Trading Portal
The pioneering Ampelius Trading website creates a Marketplace for the global energy industry, offering an easier and more competitive way to buy and sell parts and services online.
Working together with Web Foundry and the client we got to know the business in detail and identify what users would require of the site, and secondly to prototype and sketch various approaches to the marketplace, negotiations and contracting processes for the website. Once the functionality and user requirements were finalised of the site we created wireframes and designs for the front end user interface for the Marketplace, which quickly became the focal point of the site offering the latest offers and deals being made across the brokerage platform. We designed a logo and graphic style guide to ensure a cohesive look and feel throughout the site.

User Journeys
Screen Designs and Layouts
Framework Structure
Style Guides


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